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Computer security
Mike Guthrie answers some of the security-related questions received during his recent Linux Foundation webinar. Watch the free webinar on-demand.

How to Keep Hackers out of Your Linux Machine Part 3: Your Questions Answered

Articles one and two in this series covered the five easiest ways to keep hackers out of your Linux machine, and know if they have made it in. This time, I’ll answer some of the excellent security questions I received during my recent Linux Foundation webinar. Watch the free webinar on-demand. How...
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configuration management
Configuration management platforms and tools have converged directly with the world of open source. Download the Guide to the Open Cloud to learn more.

4 Configuration Management Tools for DevOps

In the past, maintaining technology infrastructure, deploying applications, and provisioning environments involved many manual, iterative tasks. But in today’s DevOps arena, true automation of these tasks has arrived. The benefits of automated configuration management range from time savings to...
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9 Tips to Properly Configure your OpenStack Instance

In OpenStack jargon, an Instance is a Virtual Machine, the guest workload. It boots from an operating system image, and it is configured with a certain amount of CPU, RAM and disk space, amongst other parameters such as networking or security settings. In this blog post kindly contributed by Marko...
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Shell Scripting: An Introduction to the Shift Method and Custom Functions

In Getting started with shell scripting, I covered the basics of shell scripting by creating a pretty handy "despacer" script to remove bothersome spaces from file names. Now I'll expand that idea to an application that can swap out other characters, too. This introduces the shift method of parsing...
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How Node.js Is Transforming Today’s Enterprises

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers, we sat down with NodeSource Solutions Architect Manager Joe Doyle and NodeSource Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Dan Shaw to hear more about how today’s enterprises are approaching working with Node.js.  “There are two things happening. We need to...
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How I Manage My Work and Personal GitHub Accounts

I have two accounts on GitHub: Personal and work. How do I access both from the same computer without getting them confused? I have two different ssh keys and use .ssh/config to do the right thing. Some bash aliases also help. Why? Why is it important to me that I keep these two accounts separate?...
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security fundamentals
In this new tutorial series, we’ll give you a sneak preview of the Threats and Risk Assessment section of the Linux Security Fundamentals training course. Or you can download the sample chapter now.

Linux Security Threats: The 7 Classes of Attackers

Start exploring Linux Security Fundamentals by downloading the free sample chapter today. DOWNLOAD NOW Organizations today are facing a worldwide security workforce shortage -- and hurting for it, according to a 2016 report from Intel Security and the Center for Strategic and International Studies...
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Frans van Rooyen
In his talk at MesosCon Asia 2016, Frans van Rooyen of Adobe shares his team's experiences with adapting Apache Mesos and Apache DC/OS to support deploying infrastructure to multiple diverse clouds.

Multi-Cloud Mesos at Adobe

Building your IT infrastructure is often a complicated dance of negotiating conflicting needs. Engineers have ideas of cool things they want to build. Operations wants stability, security, easy maintenance, and scalability. Users wants things to work with no backtalk. In his talk at MesosCon Asia...
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GitHub Bug Bounty Program Offers Bonus Rewards

GitHub celebrates the third anniversary of its Bug Bounty program, with bonus rewards for security disclosures, as the program continues to help the popular code development platform stay secure.  In January 2014, the GitHub distributed version control code repository first launched a bug bounty...
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Continuous Integration is a popular technique in software development. At conferences many developers talk about how they use it, and Continuous Integration tools are common in most development organizations. But we all know that any decent technique needs a certification program — and fortunately...
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