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The new CORD Project aims to bring “datacenter economy” and “cloud agility” to service providers by building an open reference implementation and nurturing a vibrant open source community.

CORD Project Aims to Bring Cloud Agility to Service Providers

The CORD Project recently became an independent project hosted by The Linux Foundation. CORD (TM) (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter), which began as a use case of ONOS®, brings NFV, SDN, and commodity clouds to the telco central office and aims to give telco service providers the same...
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Intel Puts Numbers on the Security Talent Shortage

The cybersecurity shortfall in the workforce remains a critical vulnerability for companies and nations, according to anIntel Security report being issued today. Eighty-two percent of surveyed respondents reported a shortage of security skills, and respondents in every country said that...
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Agile 2016: How to Measure your DevOps Initiatives

You’ve heard the benefits of DevOps, and you’ve decided to move your teams to this way of working. But how do you know if you are doing it right? Metrics are key indicators for businesses to figure out whether or not they are making the right decisions, but often they aren’t choosing the right...
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Mirantis to Fuse Kubernetes, CI/CD with Commercial OpenStack

In a move with serious implications for the lowest software layers of data center infrastructure, commercial OpenStack producer Mirantis this morning announced it is partnering with the two most important players in the infrastructure space — Google and Intel — to produce a new version of the...
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OpenVZ 7.0 Runs Linux VMs Like Containers

One of the original major proponents of container technology on Linux, OpenVZ -- or Virtuozzo in its commercial edition -- is releasing a new version of its container solution, packaged as a full-fledged Linux distribution. The commercial edition of OpenVZ, called Virtuozzo (also the name of the...
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Navigating the Data Center Networking Landscape

System administrators today are tasked with creating a much smarter networking layer. One that is capable of keeping up with some of the most advanced business and IT demands. In a recent Worldwide Enterprise Networking Report, IDC pointed out that virtualization continues to have a sizable impact...
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Reasons Organizations Opt Not to Use Open Source Software

Black Duck's latest open source survey shows that a majority of companies are now using open source. So what's stopping the rest? Here's a look at the reasons why businesses might choose not to use open source, or avoid partnering with companies that do. The fact that open source doesn't work for...
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NodeSource offers ‘One-Click’ Deployment of Node.JS for Kubernetes Clusters

NodeSource has configured a version of its N|Solid commercial Node.js implementation to run on Kubernetes clusters, potentially speeding both the deployments of containerized Node.js applications and N|Solid deployments themselves. “We are seeing a ton of traction behind containers being...
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DevOps pillars
DevOps is the emerging process and mindset for managing modern, cloud-based infrastructure.

DevOps: A Pillar of Modern IT Infrastructure

A massive transformation is underway in the way we manage IT infrastructure. More companies are looking for improved agility and flexibility. They are moving from traditional server stacks to cloudy infrastructure to support a new array of applications and services that must be delivered at...
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Google, Samsung Join AT&T and Verizon in Independent CORD Project

Google and Samsung join AT&T and Verizon as partners in ONOS project’s CORD platform, which is set to be spun off as an independent open source project. The Open Network Operating System project’s central office re-architected as data center platform continues to gain momentum, with the Open...
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