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Using Microsegmentation to Prevent Security Breaches

No one likes to admit it but most of what has passed for IT security in the enterprise has historically been rudimentary at best. Most organizations physically segmented their networks behind a series of firewalls deployed at the edge of the network. The trouble is that once malware gets past the...
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Un-Masking – the Open Source Project that Processes Packets

The Fast Data Project ( is a networking open source project whose scope includes software-based packet processing, fast Input/Output (IO), and universal data plane management across bare metal, hypervisor, and container environments., which was open-sourced by the Linux Foundation in...
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Game of Nodes: Network Operators vs. Cloud Operators

There’s a whirlwind of information on the topic of network commoditization. Seriously. Just search in your favorite search engine for “SDN,” “NFV,” or “telco cloud.” You will find dozens of open source projects, communities, forums, architectural definitions, standards, standard bodies, news...
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Google Brings SDN to the Public Internet

Google unveiled to the outside world its peering edge architecture — Espresso. At the Open Networking Summit (ONS), Google Fellow Amin Vahdat said Espresso is the fourth pillar of Google’s software-defined networking (SDN) strategy. Its purpose is to bring SDN to the public Internet. Espresso,...
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Free Range Routing and DPDK Join the Linux Foundation

Kicking off the Open Networking Summit (ONS) today, Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said it used to be that newly hired engineers at technology companies or other enterprises did not want to be assigned to networking jobs. But that’s changed. “The network is where all the...
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OPNFV Issues Its Fourth Release, Danube

The OPNFV Project announced the availability of its fourth platform release, OPNFV Danube, representing an evolutionary turning point for OPNFV. The release, named after Europe's second-largest river, brings together full next-generation networking stacks in an open, collaborative environment,...
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OPNFV Unveils Danube Release to Bolster Open Source NFV Adoption

OPNFV said its fifth platform release brings development and operations methodologies to the NFV space, and is a “turning point” for organization. The Linux Foundation’s Open Platform for NFV project launched its fourth platform release, dubbed “Danube,” which the organization said provides key...
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FRRouting is an IP routing protocol suite for Unix and Linux platforms, and the community is working to make it the best routing protocol stack available.

Welcoming FRRouting to The Linux Foundation

One of the most exciting parts of being in this industry over the past couple of decades has been witnessing the transformative impact that open source software has had on IT in general and specifically on networking. Contributions to various open source projects have fundamentally helped bring the...
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OpenSDS at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon: Moving Forward with SDS and Cloud Computing

CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe 2017 has begun and is bringing together the world’s top experts in open source cloud computing. Their goal is to maintain and promote the development of integrated open source technologies to better deploy and implement cloud computing. OpenSDS, a Silver sponsor of...
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SDN redefines travel
Rashesh Jethi will speak at Open Networking Summit about how software-defined networking and data centers are redefining the travel industry and moving millions of people every day.

Amadeus: Redefining Travel Industry Tech Through Open Source and SDN

Travel tech giant Amadeus has been moving toward a fully software-defined data center strategy over the past few years -- one based on open source and software-defined networking (SDN). rashesh-jethi-amadeus-2016.jpg Rashesh Jethi, SVP of Engineering at Amadeus, will speak at Open...
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