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10 Open Source Tools for Your Sysadmin Toolbox

Sysadmins, no matter what platforms they work on, are awash in great open source software tools. In this article, we highlight well-knownand not-so-well-knowntools that have released new versions in 2016. ... Vim Just because the Windows/Linux battle has been laid to rest, that doesn't mean the...
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Monitoring Software: The Market Lines Are Blurry

Who is the market leader in IT monitoring? You won’t find the answer to that question in this article. With a wide range of functionality being offered for multiple audiences, our priority is to provide clarity about who wants what. The New Stack is seeing two contradictory patterns. Many companies...
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How Linux Can Save Small Businesses (And Old Hardware)

Many small businesses with tight budgets are facing a tough choice: Stick with obsolete systems and remain vulnerable to hackers, or spend a lot to install new gear. David Gewirtz shows how Linux can help you preserve your investment while staying safe and secure. Linux is much more secure than...
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Manage Disk Image Files Wisely in the Face of DevOps Sprawl

There are strategies to prevent obsolete disk images from clogging up valuable space, especially in a rapid-change DevOps shop. However, not all VMs will benefit from the same plan. Disk images are fast and easy to create, but they're not free and they cause administrative problems. Each image file...
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Open Source Drives Companies to Change Hiring and Development

Open source today is not just about the products and technologies that companies use, but rather a whole rainbow of adjustments that have penetrated the corporate culture beyond the engineering department. I heard some of the best examples of this during a discussion for data industry leaders at...
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Elastic Stack
Giovanni Bechis, explains how ELK can be used to aggregate any kind of data in a productive way, in this preview of his upcoming talk at LinuxCon Europe.

Managing Log Files and More With Elastic Stack

Managing log files is becoming increasingly harder with growing amounts of data and differing file formats. Giovanni Bechis, in his upcoming talk at LinuxCon Europe, describes a solution using the ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana), which he says let's you easily collect, parse, and manage...
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The Power of Protocol Analyzers

In the complicated world of networking, problems happen. But determining the exact cause of a novel issue in the heat of the moment gets dicey. In these cases, even otherwise competent engineers may be forced to rely on trial and error once Google-fu gives out. Luckily, there’s a secret weapon...
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dig utility
In the third part of this series, Chris Binnie looks at his favorite dig utility feature -- the “trace” option.

Dig into DNS: Part 3

In the first and second articles in this series, I introduced the powerful dig utility and its uses in performing DNS lookups along with a few time-saving examples of to put it into practice. In this part, I’ll look at my favorite dig utility feature -- which is definitely the “trace” option. For...
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Joe Beda
It is no longer acceptable for a development team to not care about how their stuff runs in production, said Joe Beda in his keynote at LinuxCon North America.

DevOps Done Right: The Operations Dividend

Containers and cloud native are great technologies, but what is the larger business context? Why should the pointy-haired bosses care? Joe Beda of Accel Partners described the tremendous business value of DevOps done right in his keynote presentation at LinuxCon North America in August. Does anyone...
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Kali Linux 2016.2 Delivers New Security Testing Options

A year ago, Kali Linux moved to a rolling release cycle in an effort to provide a continuous stream of application updates. Kali Linux is a popular open-source Linux distribution for security professionals, loaded with a growing list of tools for information gathering, vulnerability analysis, web...
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