January 12, 2006

Cayin Technology brings networked Digital Signage

Julien writes "Taipei, Taiwan January 11, 2006 – Chinese Culture University has chosen Cayin Technology to implement a large scale networked digital signage solution throughout the four campuses of the University. 85 SMP-WEB display engines have been installed; all of them are remotely controlled from a dedicated Computer Center using two Cayin’s CMS Performance servers.

Founded in 1962, the Chinese Culture University (CCU) consists today of four campuses all separated from each other; One main campus and the School of Continuing Education (three campuses). The University has a very good reputation among the Taiwanese Universities and is famous to be an early adopter of multimedia technology.

The CCU has recently decided to look for a new advanced solution to face four challenges: provide the same information at the same time in every single campus including live broadcast of school events, replace the old fashion paper announcement board system by a new cost-effective solution, differentiate the image of the school in a highly competitive Taiwanese education market and offer students, teachers, school staff and visitors the chance to get updated and real time information. After having tested a few products from the market, CCU decided to adopt Cayin Technology’s SMP-WEB display engine and CMS servers as their unique solution.

Under a server-client structure (respectively CMS Performance and SMP-WEB), CCU’s administrators centrally and remotely manage system settings from the university’s Computer Center and distribute the right contents to the right display engines at the right time in various sites via IP network (across several LANs). Targeted information is displayed through 32”-37” LCD and 42” to 50” Plasma screens at strategic places. The 85 controlled units are located at front gates, along corridors, beside stairs, in front of elevators, and outside conference rooms allocated in various buildings in the different campuses.

The multimedia content displayed is diversified in terms of formats (videos, images, scrolling texts, and Flash animations) and information purposes - school news, teaching materials, and public information. SMP-WEB perfectly suits the university’s needs, including the required capability of broadcasting live videos, such as TV programs or the graduation ceremony which takes place in a dedicated auditorium. As the university auditorium is limited in terms of seats in comparison to the number of students, Cayin digital signage solution – SMP-WEB incorporates with CMS server - allows every student to watch through the installed screens live manifestations organized by the school. To bring all these features to the overall campus, CCU has also decided to install SMP-WEB in the newly constructed school stadium, which services with a larger audience volume.

SMP-WEB, small and stable Linux-based appliance, is a powerful display engine for stand alone or networked digital signage system. All multimedia contents are displayed in full-screen web pages, so designers can utilize their own familiar web-editing tools to create the display. This system supports most popular web languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, Macromedia Flash, DHTML, CSS, etc., and most popular codec and file formats, such as MPEG-1, 2, 4, AVI, WMV, MP3, JPG, GIF, etc. In addition to video, images, animations, and texts, SMP-WEB can easily extend to provide interactive services incorporating with external devices such as touch screen, keyboard, keypad, or mouse.

Like SMP-PRO, which is a skin-based display engine, SMP-WEB is deployed under a server-client structure over IP network. Incorporated with Cayin’s CMS server, administrators through a web-based management tool can centrally and remotely manage the contents, real-time streaming, and system settings of SMP-WEB players.

Digital signage, also known as narrowcasting or electronic billboards, is a network of signs that use digital displays to communicate with target audiences in designate locations by high-quality video, audio, animation, graphics, and texts. Replacing and enhancing traditional signs, digital signage offers a multimedia communication platform to promote, inform, and educate.

For more information on the dynamic digital signage, please visit the Cayin website at http://www.cayintech.com/solution_signage.html

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Cayin Technology in Brief

Cayin Technology is established by a group of professionals specializing in development, researches, and engineering. Cayin devotes itself to providing complete solutions in multimedia, network, and embedded computing fields, integrating computers and audiovisual appliances in various commercial applications, such as dynamic digital signage, video-on-demand systems in retail, transportation, education, and hospitality. In addition to standard products, Cayin also provides tailored software and hardware services to meet customers’ requirements for almost limitless applications. Our mission is to continue to innovate and concentrate on providing our customers with new forward-looking solutions.

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