March 10, 2006

Cayin Technology officially launches new digital signage player

Cayin Technology Co., Ltd. writes "Taipei, March 09, 2006 – In order to satisfy the evolving demand on the Digital Signage market, Cayin Technology launches a new advanced division-type digital signage player: SMP-PRO2. Cayin’s SMP-PRO2 has been inspired by end-users’ feedback and developed with a hardened embedded Linux core and user-friendly interface for efficient and effective dynamic advertising, entertaining and informative presentations in out-of-home environment.

Digital signage, also known as narrowcasting or electronic billboards, is a network of digital signs that use LCD or plasma displays to communicate with target audiences in designate locations by high-quality videos, audios, animations, graphics, and texts. Replacing and enhancing traditional signs, digital signage offers a multimedia communication platform to promote, inform, educate, and entertain specific audiences in a variety of commercial occasions.

SMP-PRO2, the new product of Cayin Technology under SMP-PRO series, is an advanced division-type display engine for digital signage applications. It uses users’ own pre-designed templates (image) as the background (skin) and all multimedia contents can be allocated on the background. Not being limited to traditional given templates, users can in 5 minutes design a new skin that matches the theme of the multimedia contents and the event. Users can also choose to display different skins by schedule, centrally managed by Cayin’s CMS server.

SMP-PRO2 supports endless combinations of multimedia presentations to satisfy various applications’ needs. Using Cayin’s Skin Editor, an intuitive simple drag-and-drop tool, users can easily define the sizes and locations of up to five dedicated areas: one area for stored/lived video playback or images slide show, one area for ticker, two areas dedicated for image slide shows and one area for the background.

SMP-PRO2 also features for its good scalability and can be deployed either as a networked standalone solution or under a server-client structure (incorporated with Cayin’s CMS server). With CMS server, administrators can centrally and remotely manage all SMP-PRO2 players located at different sites; one CMS server can administrate as more as 60 clients at the same time, and distribute right messages to be displayed at right time and right places.

Cayin’s CMS server products offer automatic content update, playlist editing and advanced central scheduling functions for large and multiple site applications which require centralized management and grouping content distribution over LAN or the Internet. Furthermore SMP-PRO2 incorporating with CMS server allows real-time broadcast (e.g. live streaming of a TV channel in the video area). Cayin especially provides a useful web-based management tool for easy remote control for SMP-PRO2 player and the CMS Server separately.

Another significant feature of SMP-PRO2 is its ‘log record’ for monitoring status of the system, the network, the media player, and the playback for management and analysis purposes, especially for critical commercial applications. Cayin Technology’s new Linux-based appliance supports most popular codec and file formats, such as MPEG 1/2, AVI, WMV, WMA, MP3, JPG, GIF, etc. It also supports most of resolutions for both standard and wide screens. SMP-PRO2 supports wireless LAN upon customers’ requests.

Compared to PC-based solutions, SMP-PRO2 is a compact dedicated digital signage appliance with a lower total cost of ownership. It has lower power consumption and shorter boot/reboot time than PC. Fanless models are also available for special noise or heat-exhaust sensitive environment or applications. The system is developed under Cayin’s embedded Linux, which effectively increases system security and better prevents from computer virus and hackers’ attacks.

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Cayin Technology is established by a group of professionals specializing in development, researches, and engineering. Cayin devotes itself to providing complete solutions in multimedia, network, and embedded fields, integrating computers and audiovisual appliances in various commercial applications, such as dynamic digital signage and video-on-demand systems in retail, transportation, education, and hospitality. In order to best facilitate the deployment of Cayin products, we also provide tailored hardware and software services to satisfy customers’ demands for almost limitless applications. Our mission is to continue to innovate and concentrate on providing our customers with foresighted new solutions.

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