January 24, 2006

Cayin Technology Showcases Innovative Linux-based products

Cayin Technology Co., Ltd. writes "Taipei, January 24, 2006 - In response to the growing demand for innovative Digital Signage products on the European markets, Cayin Technology is going to demonstrate at the exhibition ISE 2006 in Belgium from the 1st to the 3rd, the newest series of networked Digital Signage solutions (Hall 5, Booth F294): new product introduction, interactive applications, and web based solutions. Come and visit Cayin at our both and be astonished by the powerful Linux-based technology.

Integrated Systems Europe 2006, also shorten as ISE 2006 is the leading pan-European show on Audio Visual (AV) systems integration industry including home, professional and commercial markets. Many products relating to AV displays are going to be presented. ISE is said as the place to get the latest news and see the latest innovations in the AV world, including Digital Signage.

Digital signage, also known as narrowcasting or electronic billboards, is a network of signs that use digital displays to communicate with target audiences in designate locations by high-quality video, audio, animation, graphics, and texts. Replacing and enhancing traditional signs, digital signage offers a multimedia communication platform to promote, inform, educate, and entertain specific audiences in a variety of out-of-home occasions.

As an innovator in the Digital Signage market, Cayin is going to demonstrate two main Linux-based products: SMP-WEB and a preview of the next product release SMP-PRO2. We will showcase all powerful and multimedia presentations in larger screen displays, including traditional landscape, portrait, and interactive applications in digital signage.

SMP-PRO2 is a skin-based display engine. It means it uses fixed template (picture) as the display background (Skin). Using a simple software tool that Cayin offers, you can easily draw up to five dedicated areas on the skin; one area for stored/lived video playback or pictures slide show, one area for scrolling text, two areas for picture slides show and one area which is actually the background. For each area, the size and the location can of course be chosen for customized presentation. SMP-PRO2 supports most popular codec and file formats, such as MPEG 1/2, AVI, WMV, WMA, MP3, JPG, GIF, etc.

SMP-WEB is a web-based networked digital signage system. All multimedia contents are displayed in full-screen webpage, so designers can utilize their own familiar web-editing tools and unleash their creativities. This system supports most popular web languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, Macromedia Flash, DHTML, CSS, etc., and most popular audio/video codec and image file formats, such as MPEG 1/2, AVI, WMV, MP3, JPG, GIF, etc. In addition to video, images, animation, and text, SMP-WEB can easily extend to provide interactive services incorporating with external devices such as touch screen, keyboard, keypad, or mouse.

Both SMP-WEB and SMP-PRO2 are scalable and can be deployed either as a networked standalone solution or under a networked server-client structure, incorporated with Cayin’s CMS Server. With CMS server, administrators can remotely manage the contents and system settings of all SMP clients. A CMS server can administrate 60 clients at the same time (advised – bandwidth issue), and broadcast right messages to be displayed at right time and right places.

Cayin especially provides a useful web-based user interface for easy remote control. Administrators can centrally manage all SMP players located at different sites with automatic content updates, scheduling playlists, players group management, real-time broadcast (streaming video) capabilities and can reboot each player remotely if necessary.

At ISE 2006, Cayin Technology is going to introduce the powerful, advanced features and versatile applications in digital signage. If you are interested, we invite you to come to visit us (Hall 5, Booth F294). You will have the opportunity to see all the possibilities related to the booming out-of-home marketing and broadcasting platform.

For more information on the dynamic digital signage, please visit the Cayin website at http://www.cayintech.com/solution_signage.html

For more press information and press pictures please download at http://www.cayintech.com/press.html

Cayin Technology in Brief

Cayin Technology is established by a group of professionals specializing in development, researches, and engineering. Cayin devotes itself to providing complete solutions in multimedia, network, and embedded fields, integrating computers and home appliances in various commercial applications, such as dynamic digital signage, video-on-demand systems in transportation, education, and hospitality. In addition to standard products, Cayin also provides tailored software services to meet customers’ requirements for almost limitless applications. Our mission is to continue to innovate and concentrate on providing our customers with foresighted new solutions.

More about Cayin Technology at http://www.cayintech.com/

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