May 9, 2006

Celtix ESB Project Releases Version 1.0

Rob Morton writes "The Celtix open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) project has achieved its version 1.0 release. Celtix 1.0 provides users with a feature-rich, open source ESB runtime that can support an organization’s adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the enterprise.

The Celtix project was initiated in June 2005 under the sponsorship of IONA. Celtix 1.0 is the result of the fifth consecutive on-schedule delivery of key project milestones and the acceptance of the current Celtix build by the ObjectWeb community. The availability of an open source ESB that offers comparable features and functionality to many commercially available ESB products provides users with an effective, standards-based foundation from which their SOA initiatives can be rapidly built and extended. The combination of commercial-grade technology and the backing of the project by a proven industry leader in integration and middleware technology gives users confidence that Celtix 1.0 is well positioned to support their enterprise SOA environments.

Features in Celtix 1.0 include:

Advanced Java Support:

Celtix 1.0 is the only ESB, either open source or commercially available, to include a full JAX-WS 2.0 implementation. Support for the Java API for XML-based Web services provides users the easiest way to Web service enable existing Java applications for use in a SOA. The inclusion of JMX-based management capabilities gives users greater visibility and control over their Celtix-based SOA.

Multiple Messaging Options:

The multiple messaging options in Celtix 1.0 provide users with greater flexibility to choose the messaging option that best meets their particular SOA requirements. In addition to a JMS implementation, Celtix 1.0 also provides WS-ReliableMessaging, offering a standards-based option for reliably delivering SOAP messages over HTTP.

Support for Dynamic Scripting Languages:

Celtix 1.0 gives users the option to compose Celtix applications using JavaScript or ECMAScript for XML (E4X). The ability of Celtix to support dynamic scripting languages gives users an effective means to get their SOA deployments rapidly up and running and the freedom to easily adapt them as business requirements change.

Adherence to Industry Standards:

In addition to a native, lightweight SOAP stack that does not require deployment with a Web server, Celtix 1.0 also includes a WS-Addressing implementation and the ability to support emerging standards including Java Business Integration (JBI) and Service Component Architecture (SCA).

For more information about ObjectWeb Celtix, or to become involved in the Celtix community, please visit For information about how IONA’s services packages for Celtix users can help maximize the success of Celtix-based SOA, please visit"

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