August 4, 2005

Celtx - Open Source Software for Indie Film Makers

Michelle Jackson writes "Greyfirst Corp.  has just released a new version of Celtx; the digital
pre-production software used by Indie film makers to create Film and TV content.

Celtx is a unique and innovative application that for the
first time enables people engaged in the pre-production of a film and
TV project to work in a digital environment – write scripts,
perform breakdowns and collaborate with others. Built on top of the
award winning Firefox technologies, Celtx is an open source and open
standards software application that has rapidly established an
international following, with thousands of dedicated users located in
over 50 countries around the globe.

"It's incredible how little attention has been paid to the
pre-production end of the film and TV creation business.”
co-founder Mark Kennedy stated. "Lots of time and effort and money have
been spent introducing digital technologies to the production and
post-production ends of the business - digital cameras, digital film,
digital video and sound editing, CGI software – but there was
nothing to help those working in pre-production. Celtx changes that

Celtx provides a full set of features for writing and editing
scripts, tools for performing media rich breakdowns (Internet
intelligent, Celtx includes the ability to add digital pictures, video
clips and sound files to a project) and a cross platform (Windows, Mac
and Linux) mechanism for sharing and collaborating with others.

Programmed using XUL and JavaScript, the Celtx application
utilizes a semantic web compliant RDF database on the back-end.

Celtx is free for download at

Celtx features include:

  • Writing, importing, editing and publishing scripts using
    standard industry formatting
  • Support for adding media - including sound files, video
    clips and digital pictures
  • Powerful collaboration features, allowing team members to
    work together over the Internet
  • Adherence to open standards, ensuring users have unfettered
    access to their data

The Technology

Celtx is built using Firefox's XUL Mozilla application
framework and runs “inside” the Mozilla Firefox
browser. Celtx works on all major operating systems - Mac, Linux and
Windows. The application uses a semantic web compliant RDF database and
XML file formatting.


Celtx is available for free download from
the Celtx website for free, under an open source license.

About Celtx

Celtx is based on next generation semantic software, where the
Internet is at the forefront of development. Celtx enables people to
collaborate during the creative process using a common platform. Celtx
works on all major Operating Systems - Mac, Linux and Windows. Celtx
uses an open-source friendly business model and adheres to open
software standards.

About Greyfirst

Greyfirst Corp., the independent software company behind
Celtx, develops core Internet technologies using the Mozilla
Application Framework and then fosters their growth into successful
applications. Greyfirst's technical expertise lies in the development
of semantic web-based technologies and in the design of advanced
databases. The Greyfirst Network of software includes: Celtx, Pixtore,
iNewsNetwork, MediaJam, and the application framework tool, Tadpole.
For more information, visit"


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