October 10, 2006

Celtx v.0.98 Released

Sheila Crosbie writes "Celtx Helps Creators Express Themselves - Adds New Media Publishing Tool

October 6, 2006 - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Greyfirst Corp. has just released the latest version of of Celtx, the open source media pre-production software used in over 90 countries to create film, video, machinima, animation, comics and computer games.

Tapping in to the insatiable thirst of consumers for access to back stories, cast details, production notes and ‘How to’s, Media Creators can use Celtx to enhance their published projects with any information generated during or after the pre-production process, enabling them to produce a more compelling viewing experience to help drive interest and demand. The new technology will also help search engine indexing, making it easier for consumers to find appealing projects.

Greyfirst Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Kennedy stated, “Users can create an online "Bonus Disc" to augment their media project, publishing background details on key characters, locations, and scenes or to provide information about an interesting Prop or Wardrobe item. Anything that is in your Celtx project can be published. And anything that’s published will be indexed by a search engine, helping to raise the Creator’s profile and improve a published project’s visibility on the Net.”

The new Celtx publishing tool supports the posting of any pictures, sound files or video clips used during or after pre-production. Creators can provide details about any item in any one of the over 30 supported production categories – everything from Animals to Vehicles.
“Anything that was used in creating their story – or even after – can be published to their own project page on Celtx Project Central”, Kennedy added. “Future versions of Celtx will extend this capability to enable publishing to the Creator’s own web site or blog.”

About Celtx
The Celtx software is available as a free download from the Company’s website www.celtx.com. Published Media is hosted by Celtx on Project Central www.pc.celtx.com The free, open source client software is augmented by a set of integrated web services that are delivered by the Celtx server.

About Greyfirst
Greyfirst is an independent software development company with expertise in RDF database designs and Open Source technologies. The Company develops core Semantic Web technologies using the Mozilla Application Framework; then fosters their growth into successful applications that run across multiple platforms, and in multiple languages."

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