August 8, 2002

Central Florida: Valencia CC Hosts LUG Installfest

Patrick Berry, USAF (Ret.) writes, "Valencia Community College (Kirkman West Campus) hosts the installation fest presented by the Linux Enthusiasts And Professionals - Central Florida on the first Saturday each month. Exact locations, dates, and times, are at . Visitors are welcome.
Over 25 attendees hooked up their desktop and laptop computers to the T1 internet connection to download the current GNU/Linux distribution of their choice at very high speed, from mirror sites linked at .

The non-profit organization sponsors two meets each month to advocate Open Source software use by governments, schools, corporations or businesses, non-profit groups, and individuals.

Club President Steve Litt, author of Sam's Publishing "Samba: Unleashed", operates his business, http://troubleshooters.Com , on Linux servers. He states that everything from his program 'Umenu', on line research and knowledge bases, technical writing, through to accounting and databases, is rock solid and trustworthy.

One member, Tom Foster, a building contractor, stated that his modest Pentium 233 mhz system is now incredibly fast since he installed Gentoo GNU/Linux.

"One reason that Gentoo GNU/Linux is very fast is that it compiles the kernel and all applications, specifically for a system, so each Gentoo GNU/Linux computer is unique. The full install and configuration took about an hour on Tom's Pentium 233. His choice of window manager on 'X windows' is IceWM, due to it's efficient resource management. IceWM is only one of the many available, free and bundled with downloads, or retail packages, of GNU/Linux."


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