October 21, 2002

Century Software releases TERM version 6.28 for UNIX/Linux

Anonymous Reader writes: Century Software, Inc., a leader in PC-to-UNIX and UNIX-to-UNIX connectivity today announced the release of TERM for UNIX/Linux Version 6.28. Leveraging 17 years of Century's UNIX connectivity experience, TERM allows seamless access between multiple UNIX, Linux, and legacy hosts.

TERM supports full telnet and rlogin protocols over local-area-networks (LAN), wide-area-networks (WAN), and the Internet giving users maximum compatibility and flexibility. Built-in support for native UNIX networking commands (such as UUCP) allows users to work more effectively without giving up the strengths of UNIX or having to learn new commands. With the superior terminal emulation support found in TERM, users can accurately emulate all popular terminals including: SCO ANSI, Wyse 60, VT100, VT102, and VT220. Legacy ?block mode? support is also included for Wyse 50, TV950, TV925, TV912, IBM 3101, and others.

"TERM is a complete software solution for communications between UNIX and Linux hosts,? said Greg Haerr, President of Century Software. ?TERM enables users to consolidate different UNIX and Linux machines into a single system through advanced terminal emulation. It allows terminal or workstation users to access nearly any UNIX or Linux system over virtually any connection. Asynchronous, modem, LAN, intranet, and Internet connections are fully supported.?

TERM also provides complete, back-office server automation. With TERM?s scripting language, users can create custom applications to automate host connectivity procedures, automate file transfers, create polling, launch login/logout sequences, implement shutdown routines, and more. Mr. Haerr continued: ?We?ve even included several pre-written applications that can be customized, including an interactive file-transfer server, an unattended file transfer system, remote polling, and a simple BBS.?

TERM supports all the popular file transfer protocols, allowing both error-checked and non-error-checked transfers to other systems. Supported protocols include: XModem, YModem, ZModem, FTP, KERMIT, MODEM7 and Century?s proprietary WTERMCRC and TERMCRC protocols.

Price and Availability
TERM for UNIX/Linux 6.28 is immediately available from Century Software, 1-800-877-3088. Free evaluation copies may be downloaded from: http://www.censoft.com/download?src=154. TERM is also available from authorized distributors and resellers. For a complete list of channel partners and details on pricing, see the Century Software website at: http://www.censoft.com/sales/index.php?src=154.

About Century Software
Century Software is a leading supplier of secure connectivity solutions for Windows-to-UNIX and IBM host-data applications. The company?s TERM and TinyTERM product suites provide high-end terminal emulation, file transfer, and script engine capabilities for customized host access integration. Based in Salt Lake City, Century Software was founded in 1985. Century Software solutions are sold through two-tier distribution in the United States, and authorized international distributors in more than 40 countries worldwide. Additional company and product information is available on the World Wide Web at: http://www.centurysoftware.com.

Link: CenturySoftware.com

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