Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer (CHFD) Exam Has Relaunched


The Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer (CHFD) exam, which initially launched a year ago and enables candidates to demonstrate the knowledge to develop and maintain client applications and smart contracts using the latest Fabric programming model, is once again available for scheduling. The exam had been paused pending updates of the exam content to align with the most recent Long Term Support (LTS) version of Fabric, v2.2. 

Holding this certification provides confidence to supervisors and hiring managers that a team member or job candidate possesses the necessary skills to package and deploy Fabric applications and smart contracts, perform end-to-end Fabric application life-cycle and smart contract management, and more. The CHFD exam platform is Node.js for both Client Application and Smart Contract. 

As with other Linux Foundation certification exams, CHFD can be taken remotely from a candidate’s home or workplace. Candidates can choose from an English or Japanese speaking proctor who will verify the candidate’s identity and monitor them during the exam via webcam – the exam questions are available in both English and Japanese within the exam environment. The two-hour exam is an online, performance-based test that consists of a set of tasks or problems to be solved in a Web IDE and the command line.

CHFD and CHFD-JP are available for immediate registration. For those needing assistance preparing for the exam, the LFD272 – Hyperledger Fabric for Developers training course is also available and covers topics such as how to implement and test a chaincode in Golang for any use case, manage the chaincode life cycle, create Node.js client applications interacting with Hyperledger Fabric networks, control access to the information based on a user identity, set up and use private data collections and much more.

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