January 7, 2015

CES 2015: The Linux Penguin in Your TV

Linux fans can happily tell how Linux is the most popular end-user operating system thanks to Android, how Tux the penguin, Linux's mascot, rules supercomputers, and how even Microsoft loves Linux now because of its power in the cloud. What even they might not know, but has become crystal-clear at CES, is that Linux also now dominates Smart and 4K TV.

One TV manufacturer after another turned on its latest, smartest, biggest 4K TVs at CES: Samsung has a bendable 105-inch TV (no really, it bends); LG has a model that shows just how thin a TV can be; and relative unknown Hisense wants to convince you that projector TVs aren't dead. I could go on and on but if there's one thing to know about CES, it's that this show is all about the biggest and best new TVs.

Read more at ZDNet.

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