January 7, 2002

CES: The buzz this year is a set-top box running Linux

Author: JT Smith

The Associated Press (on CNN.com) reports on the Moxi Media Center, a souped-up digital media server with an 80-gigabyte
hard drive. It can deliver to as many as four televisions video recorded from a TV
signal and video or audio stored on the hard drive or from a built-in DVD/CD
player. "Moxi uses the open-source Linux operating system, meaning other companies can
easily change software layers or build new applications on top of the platform. The
company says its technology allows cable operators to reduce their average
manufacturing cost of digital set-top boxes from $570 per TV to $425 for a
single-TV household and $250 to equip a second TV." More on Moxi from ZDNet.


  • Linux
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