December 4, 2002

CFP for Open Source CMS conference in April 2003

Gregor J. Rothfuss writes "Open Source CMS Conference III
Harvard University
April 16-18, 2003 -- , Boston, MA

Call for Participation

Proposals Due: January 15, 2003

The theme of the next OSCOM is "Leveraging content with CMS:
authoring and syndication towards the semantic web"
Content management treats content as something static more
often than not. Content can be much more than that, though.
OSCOM III will show attendees how to make more out of the
content that is stored in their CMS, how to make content
discoverable, provide annotation and other advanced services.
OSCOM III will also explore the frontiers with a look at
semantic web technologies, and what they might add to
content management in the future.

The theme has several aspects:

  • Content Annotation
  • Content Authoring API
  • Blogger API
  • RDF
  • Dublin Core
  • Multichannel publishing
  • Content discovery
  • Searching
  • Semantic web in general
  • Copyrights, Creative Commons
  • Digital Rights Management

The Open Source CMS community is rich and varied with many projects
such as OpenCMS, Zope, Midgard, PostNuke, Bitflux, Wyona, Cofax,
Drupal, RedHat CCM, and many others. In addition, market awareness is
rapidly growing, with several Open Source CMS being mentioned
favorably in recent Gartner reports, among others.

In this rich open environment, there is room for a variety of
presentations on many topics. OSCOM III is a place for CMS developers,
integrators and users to mingle and learn from each other. We aim
to make the conference as interactive as possible.

Individuals and companies interested in making presentations, giving a
tutorial, or participating in panel discussions regarding CMS
at OSCOM III are invited to submit proposals.
Proposals will be considered in two classes: tutorials and convention
presentations (sessions).

Presentations by marketing staff or with a marketing focus will not be
accepted; neither will submissions made by anyone other than the
proposed speaker. Presentations should add value to the conference.
We are not interested in pure product presenations, but would much
prefer to receive proposals that cover one of the aspects of the conference
and explain these with the help of a particular CMS.

Besides presentations from CMS projects and vendors, we are especially
looking for proposals dealing with the legal issues of open content.
Part of the conference will be devoted to these topics in cooperation
with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard.

Session presentations are 45 minutes long, and tutorials are a
half-day (3 hours). If you are interested in participating in or moderating
panel discussions, or otherwise contributing to the conference, please let
us know (and please include your area of expertise). If you have an
idea for a panel discussion or a particularly provocative group of
panelists that you'd love to see square off, feel free
to send your suggestions to

Submitting Proposals
Proposals may be submitted to
Keep in mind that proposals need not be works of art. A quick summary or
abstract of the talk you plan to give is sufficient for consideration. We
prefer outlines for tutorials. The proposal is what the conference
committees uses to select speakers, so give enough information that the
committee can tell what you'll be covering. As the conference
approaches, we will request additional information about your
proposal as necessary.

NOTE: All presenters whose talks are accepted will receive free
registration at the conference and a travel / accomodation allowance.
Registration will open January 15, 2003.

Important Dates

  • Proposals Due: January 15, 2003
  • Speaker Notification: February 1, 2003
  • Presentation Files Due: March 15, 2003



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