March 20, 2006

CFUnit launches first stable version

Robert Blackburn writes "Six months after its beta release, and four months after its first release candidate, CFUnit has launched its first stable production version. CFUnit is a xUnit testing framework for ColdFusion, modeled after the popular JUnit framework.

This release includes more detailed SQL exception messages, as well as new set of core runner files. These core files are for convenience and can by duplicated to begin building ColdFusion unit tests as quickly as possible.

From version v0.1 to v1.0 CFUnit has grown steadily. Interesting in the project is constantly increasing, which is visible in the project’s download rate which continues to trend upward.

This interest is fueled by the release of articles focused in unit testing ColdFusion, such as the three part article released by Fusion Authority, an online technical magazine:
Part 1: An Introduction to Unit Testing ( .cfm/ArticleID:4560)
Part 2: Building Unit Tests with CFUnit ( .cfm/ArticleID:4568)
Part 3: Integrate your tests into CFEclipse using CFUnit-Ant ( .cfm/ArticleID:4583)

ColdFusion unit testing has also seen coverage in podcasts such as Helms and Peters - Out Loud ( -UnitTesting.mp3) and the ColdFusion Podcast (

With all the interest surrounding unit testing ColdFusion applications, the timing is ideal for CFUnit to launch its production release.

For more information, visit the CFUnit home page:

Or download the latest release at: _id=145385"


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