November 4, 2005

CFUnit releases its first Release Candidate

skorpiun writes "CFUnit has released v0.5, its first Release Candidate. CFUnit is a xUnit testing framework for ColdFusion, modeled after the popular JUnit framework.

CFUnit was revived last August and has grown extensively since then in both functionality and in community interest. This is largely because of the recognition from industry leaders such as Ben Forta ( 1765) and Jonathan Cogley ( /427372.aspx)

This release is CFUnit’s most significant change since the original alpha release. This release includes improved logic for assertEquals() and the addition of assertSame(). Test cases also are now self-executing, making writing unit tests for ColdFusion easier then ever. With the recent addition of support for CFML template testing, this most recent version of CFUnit is now packaged as a Release Candidate.

For more information, visit the CFUnit home page:

Or download the latest release at: _id=145385"


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