July 23, 2001

cgipasswd 1.0 released

Author: JT Smith

cgipasswd is a tool that allows users to change their login password via a user-friendly Web interface. Read on for the full announcement.
"cgipasswd" allows users to change their password by a web interface.

supported systems:

  cgipasswd has been tested with Debian GNU/Linux (potato and woody) and
  Solaris 7 and should work on other Un*ces with pam support. Systems without 
  pam support are only supported if they use the standard password file 
  location /etc/passwd /etc/shadow and the standard crypt function to encrypt 
  the password.


+ an accessdb against brute force attacks. Users with too many invalid tries
  can be locked.

+ The minimum and maximum uid can be set in the configuration file, so you can 
  specify a range of uid's that are allowed to use cgipasswd.

+ you can specify html files with a few PHP extensions for the login screen 
  and error messages.

+ you can use a redirect for the error messages, instead of plain html files.

cgipasswd is available at:



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