November 30, 2005

Chang Tseng ships Small Movie Theater solution

Robert Kao writes "If people want to see a movie in China or other countries, they have to spend much money or buy a dvd player.

Chang Tseng adopted EzHomeTech EZV2.0 to build a Small Movie Theater solution for this movie market.

People just spend a little moneny and go to nearby small building that has this solution to watch movies.

The solution includes seven STBs, a hub, and a PC installed Ezserver in a small building without internet.

Due to no more space in a building, Chang Tseng STB supports VGA out for reducing the ray hurting of a TV set.

Because the cost of the solution is veyy cheap, you can easily to build up the solution to make money. Maybe you just
invest three months, you can make profit. So the solution is very exciting for Chang Tseng and EzHomeTech

STB Software Specification:
1. Operating System: uCLinux
2. Middleware : EzHomeTech SSP 3.0
3. Embedded Browser: EzHomeTech Browser 4.0
4. Media Player: EzHomeTech Media Player 1.0
5. Media Server: EzHomeTech Ezserver2.0
6. Video Format: WMV9/HD
7. Video Control: Play, Pause, Stop,
8.Display Output: VGA
9 Audio Output: Composite Audio Out"

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