February 18, 2004

Change management for CVS

TomJena writes "Stuttgart February 18, 2004 — Intland, leading provider of collaborative software development solutions today announced the release of CodeBeamer 3.2. The latest version of CodeBeamer offers compelling new functionality and broader integration with enterprise environments and tools.

One of the most significant new features offered in CodeBeamer 3.2 is the change management functionality for CVS. SCMLoop for CodeBeamer 3.2 allows CodeBeamer to be the defect and change management solution in CVS-based development environments. SCMLoop allows users to associate CodeBeamer tracker issue items with CVS commit actions on source code. With the enhanced Dashboard developers can now see all their tasks and bugs across multiple projects focusing on the critical task items, checking up bugs associated with check-ins when creating a software release.

CodeBeamer 3.2 is an integrated web-based application that combines software development tools for Project Management, Issue tracking, Discussion forums, Document management, Build and Release management, Source code browsing and Quality assessment.
CodeBeamer is especially useful for distributed development for companies with teams in different locations. Companies with off-shore developer teams, or growing trough mergers and acquisitions can integrate and manage their development teams working geographically dispersed locations easily.

CodeBeamer 3.2 is integrated with development and project management tools, such as Eclipse, CVS, Telelogic CM Synergy, Merant PVCS, IBM ClearCase, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version, Microsoft SourceSafe and others.

For Universities and education institutions CodeBeamer is FREE."

Link: intland.com

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