April 9, 2007

ChangeLog: Debian project votes in new leader

Author: Mayank Sharma

The developers of the Debian project have elected a new leader in Sam Hocevar.

This year's election saw nine candidates face off. Hocevar has been a Debian developer since 2000. He's also involved with the popular VideoLAN project and is a contributor to Wikipedia.

Last month, before voting began, we asked the DPL candidates about the issues that they look forward to addressing in the Debian Project. In the article, Hocevar says he'd appoint additional people to core teams in Debian and request proper reporting to get things done faster. Citing several examples, Hocevar, said he wanted to attract more people to Debian by making it "sexy again."

Hocevar is all for projects like Google's Summer of Code as a mechanism to raise money for Debian developers, instead of the controversial Dunc-Tank project, which failed in its attempt to push out Debian 4.0 on schedule by funding certain developers. Dunc-Tank met resistance from within the Debian project, and led to an unsuccessful attempt to remove previous DPL Anthony Towns from his DPL position.

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