ChangeLog: GoDaddy plays sugar daddy to two OSS projects


Author: Peter Galli

Web hosting company has made donations of
$10,000 each to two popular open source projects, Joomla and SimpleMachines. Warren Adelman, president of GoDaddy, says he wanted to show support for the
efforts of the developers involved.

Joomla, a content management system that spun off of the popular
Mambo project, and SimpleMachines, free forum software, are both part
of Godaddy’s Metropolis
hosting package. One of the features included in Metropolis is similar
to Fantastico, an application that many Web hosts provide, which allows
users to install database-driven software packages like Joomla or
WordPress without any technical knowledge.

Adelman says that
Joomla and SimpleMachines are “very popular” among GoDaddy’s
customers. The company says it plans to continue making similar
donations to other open source projects it deems worthy.