March 30, 2007

ChangeLog: HP clarifies warranty under Linux

Author: Joe Barr

We received the following today by email from Hewlett Packard, which clarifies their warranty policy for customers running Linux on HP hardware, at least in the specific case we reported on recently.Per the HP spokesperson:
HP is committed to supporting its customers and backs its PCs with a solid hardware warranty regardless of the operating system.

If a customer alters a product and a problem develops as a result of that change, then the problem (which is not a result of a defect in workmanship) would not be covered under the warranty. In the case at hand, if the problem was the physical keys on the notebook beginning to stick, the operating system change would not have been the culprit and, therefore, would be covered under the customer’s warranty.

We are also taking steps to ensure support agents are clear on this policy so this issue does not recur.

All of which sounds a lot more reasonable to Linux users.

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