July 29, 2005

Changing of the guard at ITMJ

Friends, colleagues, and readers:

I am leaving OSTG as of 31 July, after two years of coordinating the daily content on this site and researching/writing columns and news stories for IT Manager's Journal and NewsForge. I helped launch ITMJ with our editor-in-chief, Robin "roblimo" Miller, in October 2003, and it's been the chief focus of my professional life

Chris Preimesberger

since then. But other challenges beckon: I've signed a contract to do some intriguing new things for Ziff-Davis Media, and I start on Monday.

Robin will take over ITMJ on that day. Send all story pitches, as usual, to editors@ostg.com.

It's been a real privilege to work with a great group of writers and editors -- and for you, our readers, through ITMJ. I've enjoyed *mostly* every minute of the job. If you look back over the last two years at all the work we've done, I think you'd have to say that we've created -- and pointed to -- a wealth of information with enduring value. We've broken some exclusive stories and identified trends; we've been mostly right on with our analyses; we've enlightened you with good kernels of information from thought leaders; and we've covered/analyzed some important special events. We've let you tell us secrets about your boss. We've had some laughs, too. The first ITMJ Notebook always puts me in a good mood.

And we did it for a steadily growing audience -- one that's now in the double-digit millions of pageviews per year. I believe ITMJ is just starting to make its mark in the IT business media and, if cultivated properly, could become an even more important go-to site in the future.

You will see some of the usual-suspect bylines continuing on ITMJ, and you'll see some new names. You might even see mine from time to time. Above all, you will continue to see timely, useful information for your daily work routine -- information that will help educate you about new products, trends, and ideas.

So, thanks, and ...

Don't forget to hit the lights on the way out. ;-)

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