March 12, 2001

Changing ownership of a file using Chown

Author: JT Smith

Anthony writes: "Recently I encountered a problem when I ftped to my server, I was trying to upload a file
that already existed under my username on the server, and I kept getting a 550 error.
Which for you newbies out there is a file permission error, telling me that I do not have
rights to write over or delete those files under my username. That made me mad, I didn't
know what was going on I thought my ftp server was messed up. Then we figured out
that the problem could have been who owned the files. Surly enough, the files were owned
by root instead of pinehead which was the username I was under. If your files under your
username are owned by root then that will allow your file permissions to be limited and
you not to be in control of them. So how do we fix all this?"

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