Check out ITMJ’s new Product Guide


Author: Chris Preimesberger

We keep “Newsforging” ahead at IT Manager’s Journal. Our latest new feature is the ITMJ Product Guide, a joint project between technology superpowers InfoWorld and our parent network, Open Source Technology Group. The IT Product Guide is an excellent resource for IT managers and decision-makers at all levels for making short- and long-term choices about investments in any kind of product or service in the IT spectrum.

Through this new partnership, ITMJ is leveraging InfoWorld’s highly respected Test Center and bringing these useful, real-world evaluations to you, our readers. The result is a definitive resource delivering an unbiased, high-standards look at technology-focused products and services for IT buyers.

You can get quick access to product reviews and specifications straight out of the Test Center, read buyer reviews and related articles, and get buying information.

Categories of product reviews range far and wide:

We encourage you, our readers, to submit buyer reviews and product reviews. We are building a truly independent professional community here. You can help your fellow professionals make the right kind of buying decisions by lending your own firsthand expertise. You can add your review to any of the products listed in the IT Product Guide; the interface is easy to use.

We will be updating the sections as new reviews come into the system. Hopefully, a submission won’t take more than a few days to get posted. We’ll work hard on getting your submission up and running quickly.


Chris Preimesberger is Editorial Director of ITMJ.