May 17, 2001

Cheese worm: A Linux fixer-upper?

Author: JT Smith

Derrick Rose writes "A new worm called the Cheese Worm, is going to be released to fix the open-doors left by the li0n worm. This worm appears to be different, however: Dubbed the Cheese worm, the program is basically a self-spreading patch. It enters servers that have already have been compromised by a previous bit of malicious code--the 3-month-old 1i0n worm--and closes the back door behind it, adding security to the system. However, for many computers compromised by the 1i0n worm, the Cheese worm will fix the problem and then use the server to scan for other vulnerable computers connected to the Internet." CNET has a story on this latest worm.


  • Linux
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