March 28, 2008

A Chorus of 'We Object!! ' -- to SCO's Reorganization Plan

A loud chorus of objections have just been filed against SCO in the bankruptcy court in Delaware. I am posting them before I've read them myself, but from the titles, you can see that IBM is objecting to SCO's reorganization plan including the scheme to pay buckets of money to the Plan Sponsor; Al Petrofsky objects to the Disclosure Statement; the Executive Committee in the securities litigation have shown up, at last, and they object to the Disclosure Statement also; and Novell objects to many things -- to the plan to give money to the Plan Sponsor, to SCO paying York, to the motion by SCO to gain approval of scheduling on the confirmation hearing, and pretty much everything having to do with that, including objecting to setting the deadline and procedures for filing objections to confirmation of the plan as proposed by SCO, and to SCO's proposed Disclosure Statement.



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