December 9, 2009

Chrome: Google's Cross-Platform Platform

Article Source InformationWeek's Open Source Weblog
December 9, 2009, 9:45 am

No one ought to be surprised by the notion that Chrome is Google's big cross-platform play--a way to get their app-delivery system running everywhere. It's not just a way to soften people up for the arrival of Chrome OS, either.

In fact, I could probably run out of space enumerating all of the things Google probably wants from Chrome, and who their intended markets are for each goal. For the end user, they're producing a fast, stable, safe browser--one which many professional colleagues and close friends of mine have already adopted as their default. (I'm still a Firefox guy, personally.) For the web developer, it's a consistent way to deliver web apps--more so than, say, Firefox, because it's soon to be launched as its own standalone OS. And for open source lovers, it's an open source project--albeit one with some concessions to Google's corporate side. (Better something than nothing, right...?)

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