November 27, 2006

Cisco Network Security 1 and 2 Companion Guide

James Pyles writes "This book is not meant to be used alone. It is the 'companion guide' to the Cisco Networking Academy Network Security curriculum, courses 1 and 2. If you've ever taken any courses through the Academy, you know that much of the work is done online as well as 'hands on' with Cisco hardware and software. Books such as this one supplement the 'in-class' experience. Does that mean the book is without worth by itself? Of course not. There is a great deal to be learned by using the book as a 'stand alone' resource. Just keep in mind that there is more value added when you consider this book as one element in an overall educational process. That's how the Cisco Academy works. Now that I've said all this, it's time to open the book up and see what's going on inside."

Link: linux-tutorial-info

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