September 9, 2014

Citrix Cloud Leadership Changes May Be a Reaction to OpenStack's Momentum

When Citrix bought in 2011, it became the primary sponsor of the CloudStack cloud computing platform, and Citrix has had a remarkable level of success in the cloud. It also deserves credit for contributing the CloudStack platform to the Apache Software Foundation, and in this post, I took note of the fact that Citrix officials touted CloudStack as far and away the most widely deployed open source platform in the cloud.

However, the success of OpenStack has changed things, and there are some reports going around that significant leadership changes at Citrix focused on the cloud computing group may signal trouble...

To be clear, the open source CloudStack platform that Apache now oversees is a different branch from the commercial one that Citrix oversees. The open source version from Apache is moving forward, but it's unclear what Citrix may be making of the momentum that OpenStack has.


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