September 4, 2002

Clearcase problems with Linux?

"I work for an ASIC company in the verification group. We use VCS and Vera to write and run simulations, Clearcase for revision control, and LSF to manage our server farm. At my instigation my employer has begun to move to Linux PC's for our simulation server farm instead of the much more expensive and much slower Solaris Sun machines. Everything has been working well and everyone has been very pleased with the performance except for one 'small' problem - every two weeks or so we will suddenly see all jobs running on Linux machines crash. After much pain we have been able to isolate this to an issue with Clearcase returning files 'slowly' to the Linux machines, causing VCS compiles to die. Has anyone else had issues with Clearcase and Linux running on a PC? If so, how did you debug this and isolate the exact source of the problem? Is this solvable, or is it one of the mysteries of networking?"

Link: Slashdot


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