Cliff’s List Filter April 28 – May 5


Author: Ian Palmer

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and Open Source, as always, is moving forward. While browsing the GNOME, KDE, Mozilla and Linux Kernel list, we’ve been squirreling away the choice bits of information for your leisurely digestion. New this week: Linux 2.6.6 comes closer to release with its 3rd candidate, Class-based Resource allocation for the kernel, GNOME developer tools, a whole load of GNOME and KDE software, and as usual, loads of tips and fixes for your favorite Open Source software.

Linux Kernel


  • Developers looking to try their hand at writing document/view programs under GNOME
    might want to try cooking in the bakery,
    as recommended by Eric Lemings.

  • Folks who follow GnomeMeeting may want to take a peek at the current roadmap (feel free to use “WikiWord” as the user ID with no password to view the document), which details the major directions in which the development team plans to head within this year. Thanks to Damien Sandras for the directions.
  • Data miners discovered these new gems:
    • Epiphany 1.2.5 was released on May 4. Epiphany is a Mozilla-based web browser for GNOME.
    • Metacity v2.8.1 was released on May 5.
    • And since they did a double release, this week, we may as well mention the v2.6.1 and the 1.0.3 releases of libxml++, which were both released, also on May 5. For those who haven’t been exposed to it yet, libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for libxml, an XML parsing library.
    • Gnumetric releases v1.2.12 as a high priority release on May 5. In this release are several key bugfixes, among them being changes that will enable MS Excel to load and read
      Gnumetric-created XLS files without crashing.

    • libgsf v1.9.0 was released, and is a requirement for the previously mentioned Gnumetric release if you plan on running Gnumetric with gnome-vfs.


  • KolorPaint
    1.0.2 is released
    on May 1. New icons and a new user manual are among some of
    the new improvements.

  • KOffice-1.3.1 is released on May 5.
    Admin Tool v0.3
    is released, also on May 5. This may interest those of you
    who wish to deploy KDE as a demo, a stripped down version for novice users or … a kiosk!

  • It looks like KSpell2
    is coming together
    , nicely. It’s not quite done, yet but much of the basic functionality
    is there and ready to be tested. If you are interested in seeing how spell-checking under
    KDE is developing, give it a whirl (after applying a
    few minor fixes
    if it refuses to compile for you)!

  • For those of you who can’t seem to debug KDE code effectively, because of a bug in
    GDB that doesn’t allow you to use breakpoints in a constructor, try following
    these debugging
    from Bernd Pol and see if you can use that as a workaround.