Cliff’s List Filter – Aug 24-30


Author: Ian Palmer

It’s Thursday, and time for another set of updates featuring news, tips, and patches from the Linux Kernel, GNOME, KDE and Mozilla developer’s discussions. In this edition: both stable Linux kernels (2.4 and 2.6) get an update, and in the case of the 2.6 series, there’s a lot of activity a-going on; a new Balsa release is riding into town; and a bit of controversy has arisen over the Linux driver for Phillips webcams.

Linux Kernel




  • Mozilla/Firefox users on XP who are constantly getting Outlook for their mailto: links as opposed to something else, may need to look elsewhere for the solution, as this is not a problem with Mozilla, but with XP’s protocol handling.
  • Be aware that if you are running Mozilla on an XP+SP2 machine under its Windows Application Compatibility Mode, you may have to turn off the compatibility mode for Mozilla to work properly.
  • Want to open the Mozilla Calendar in a Mozilla tab? Be sure you’ve installed the latest .xpis for the calendar and you can open a new tab and use a chrome:// URL to open the calendar. Be aware that using this method of opening the calendar has its drawbacks and may make your browser unstable.