September 9, 2004

Cliff's List Filter - Aug 31-Sept 6

Author: Ian Palmer

Welcome and tune in to more updates from the various Open Source User and Developers mailing lists covering the Linux Kernel, GNOME, KDE and Mozilla projects. Up this week: questions (and answers) about Embedded Linux; schedulers; the extent of Linux 2.6 support; lots of new GNOME releases in the run-up to GNOME 2.8; a subtitle editor for KDE and the usual assortment of helpful miscellany.

Linux Kernel


  • Due to delays in startup times, Balsa has removed a check for unread messages in mbox-trees. Users who preferred this check, at the expense of longer start-up times, can use these changes to reactivate the old behavior. Another piece of unexpected behavior that may plague unaware users is that of the Fcc field in later versions of Balsa. If this field is not set, then any mail sent by that client may not be copied to the "sent mail" folder. Older versions may interpret the blank field differently, but newer versions will not copy mail to that folder if this field is blank.
  • Notable releases in the GNOME world, this week:
    • Gnopernicus, a screen reader for the GNOME desktop, has reached version 0.9.10.
    • Gnumeric v1.3.2 marks the transition from "development" to "beta" as that team begins the run up to v1.4.0. This latest version includes loads of changes and improvements and should be on par with the functionality of 1.2.0.
    • The GStreamer team has released v0.8.4 of their plugins for GStreamer. These plugins are not binary-compatible with v0.6 but can be installed alongside a 0.6 setup.
    • Marlin 0.6, a sample editor for GNOME that uses the GStreamer core, was released on September 1.
    • The GNOME project announces the first release candidate of GNOME 2.8 (version 2.7.92), and it looks like a final release of GNOME 2.8 can be expected by early October.
    • GNOME Ghostview moves closer to its 2.8.0 release with the christening of version 2.7.99, which includes more language fonts than you can shake a stick at.


  • KSubtile v1.01, a subtitle editor for the KDE desktop, is released on September 1.


  • For those who run into the situation of needing to move their browser work from one machine to the other, especially in the case of encryption keys that may be in your Mozilla profile, try using the hints found in this discussion.
  • New XPIs for the Mozilla Calendar are available for Mac OS X.
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