Cliff’s List Filter – July 20-28


Author: Ian Palmer

Open source is always on the go, so we aim to be here each week with news from the usual Linux Kernel, GNOME, KDE and Mozilla sources. Up this week: tools to avoid the need for suid root; more performance enhancements to the kernel; Gnumeric without CUPS; an Evolution Simulator for KDE; DINO, as in Delphi/Kylix in Gecko and certificate resources for those of you developing self-signed Mozilla applications.

Linux Kernel


  • First off from the Gnome circles, a bit of sad news: magicdev is dead. Magicdev was a user-space device watching daemon for the GNOME desktop.

  • News for non-CUPS folk: Gnumeric v2.7.1 will support non-CUPS printcap files.

  • Two weeks ago Jamie McCracken made a large patch against Nautilus to address what he thought were severe usability problems. If you would prefer to take your UI changes with small steps and would like to sample some of the proposed changes, maybe smaller tidbits might be better for you? Laaurent Belmonte probably felt the same way which is why he separated out the pathbar enhancements and is providing them in a smaller patch.
  • More new software from the GNOME vaults, released this week:
    • GCalcTool v4.4.14 was released on July 28.
    • GStreamer v0.8.4 (the “Paella” release) was set loose on July 20.
    • The first ever version of Blogfish (v0.1) was released on July 20. Blogfish is a panel applet that allows weblog users to pass along their URL to others. Darwinism rules apply: only the good memes and weblog entries will survive.


  • KDE v3.3 Beta 2, the “Kollege” release, was announced on July 22.
  • The G-System, an Evolution Simulator for KDE, was released on July 27.

  • TagLib 1.2, a library for accessing audiofile meta-data, was released on July 28.