March 18, 2004

Cliff's List Filter - March 1 - 15, 2004

Author: Ian Palmer

This week we're introducing a new feature on We plan to monitor the mailing lists of key open source projects and excerpt highlights that should help our readers stay informed. Consider this week's posting version 1.0 -- we hope you'll suggest ways we can make this feature work even better for you. For instance, are there other mailing lists
that you don't see here but whose content you find interesting?Linux Kernel
  • If you are running a 2.6 kernel and are having problems with your USB printer, you
    might be interested in trying this
    , from Barry K. Nathan.
  • For those laptop owners who have upgraded from 2.6.1 to a later kernel revision,
    if you are having problems with your laptop freezing after a suspend, consider
    reverting back to 2.6.1 for the time being and see if that helps. You can find more
    information in this
    from Antony Dovgal.
  • Interested in filesystem benchmarks under 2.6.3? You may want to read
    Nelson's writeup
    . For the full skinny on the results and the test
    methodology used, you can visit his 2.6
    benchmarking page
  • It looks like Linux has now been ported to the M32R processor, a 32-bit RISC
    processor from Renesas Technology! Feel free to read the
    from Hirokazu Takata. Currently this port only exists for 2.4
    kernels, with hope for a 2.6.0 release, in the near future.
  • Having problems with the I2O subsystem under Linux 2.6.3? If so, you may want to look
    into this
    , from Markus Lidel. For those interested, you can find the patch
    details, here.
  • If you are using kernel 2.6 and do a lot of CD ripping, you might want to
    try this
    performance enhancing patch
    from Jens Axboe, which is supposed to enable cdda
    ripping from DMA, as opposed to PIO. cdparanoia users should definitely notice the
  • Using Large Block Devices under Linux 2.6? If so, you might want to apply
    for Linux 2.6.3, from Eric Sandeen, as well as
    this patch,
    from Andrew Morton.
  • If your Samba shares are not respecting the "uid" or "gid" mount parameters, you
    may want to see if this
    , from Søren Hansen, will fix the problem. Those interested in this patch
    may also be interested in this
    on a UID/GID mapping system. Please be aware of the potential security
    concerns that may impinge on your network before applying this patch.
  • Interested in limiting process tree depth? Try this
    from Marco Molinaro. It uses the rlimit framework to set the maximum depth of
    a process tree, impeding a process's ability to fork depending on its depth from the process
  • For those of you interested in benchmarks, Mark Wong recently posted some
    LVM2 perform
    . Check out the details
  • If you are running a SiS900 based networking card (ala an RTL8201) and are having
    problems with low transfer rates, you might want to try this
    from Grischa Jacobs, and see if your transfer rates improve.
  • James Ketrenos announces the launch of an open source driver for the Intel
    Pro/Wireless 2100 miniPCI network adapter. The driver is in "early beta" and is
    in active development. Support for the 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernel's is available.
    If you are interested in taking part in development, you can visit the
    the website, or you can sign up for the
    mailing list.
  • According to James Smart, Emulex is also starting on an initiative to open
    source the driver for their LightPulse Fibre Channel Adapter family. Their
    SourceForge page is open and
    there is a currently-in-progress FAQ there. If you are interested in helping
    development, drop by and sign-on.
  • Those of you interested in a better tracing tool than 'strace' might be interested in
    LTT, as mentioned in
    from Karim Yagmour.
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman recently announced the release
    of udev 022
    . For those of you unfamiliar with udev, it's a devfs replacement that
    runs outside of the kernel, which attempts to address many of the devfs drawbacks.
  • It was only a matter of time. Valdis Kletnieks points out that rootkits
    have now made their way to the 2.6 kernel
    . So here comes the obligatory warning:
    keep those systems patched!



  • Would you like new sound fonts for KDE? If so, you might be interested in
    by Artemio. His experience as a sound designer and a music
    composer have brought forth KDEvibes.
    Give them a try!


  • For those of you who would like the ability to hover over a link
    and have a tooltip displayed with the link's URL, you might be
    interested in this
    , between Fred Holmes and Ed Mullen. Another good tip from
    this thread are the pointers to the
    Mozilla and
    Foxfire extensions. Take
    a look, and see the other ways in which you can extend the functionality of your
  • Trying to un-install the Quicktime Plug-in, and are having problems? The information in
    , might be useful to you.
  • Want to include your IE bookmarks into another browser (like Mozilla)?
    Try this
    thread for a helpful tip
  • If you are using Mozilla 1.6+ and are having problems accessing webservers on
    nonstandard ports, you might be interested in the second paragraph on
    , as noted by Jerry Talkington in this
  • Windows XP or 98 users who would prefer to keep their Mozilla
    profiles off of the C-Drive, might be interested in this
  • Interested in backing up your Mozilla Profile, like
    ? You might be interested in Mozilla
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