May 20, 2004

Cliff's List Filter - May 12 - 18

Author: Ian Palmer

Tune in again, for another helping of filtered news from the Linux, GNOME, KDE and Mozilla circles. More tips and patches than news this week, but that didn't stop Mozilla from getting out its second release candidate for the big 1.7, GNOME from releasing version 2.6.1 of its desktop suite, nor many eyes from discovering a security violation in KDE's URI processing.

Linux Kernel

a jumpy mouse pointer, while using their laptop trackpads, try booting with the acpi=off kernel parameter and see if that improves the responsiveness.

Experiencing strange lockups or other problems while burning CDs on your IDE CD burners? Try loading the ide-scsi module and using the SCSI CD target, rather than ide-cd, as users have been reporting problems.

Tim Bird announces the release of the CE Linux Forum - Specification. It's a version 1 draft, but it might give you some insight into how Linux can fit into the emerging consumer electronics market. While the language of the document may seem like it is making demands it has no authority to make, it does give some insight into what CE companies are looking for in a CE platform.

Novice and Expert kernel hackers might be interested in the newest BitKeeper release. Version 3.2.0 was released on May 18. BitKeeper is a configuration management system that is now used to maintain the Linux kernel.


  • GNOME v2.6.1 is released on May 14, with some bugfixes, and a bit more polish than it's 2.6.0 sibling. If GNOME is too filling for you, try the the latest GARNOME, which is a "someone toned down" version of GNOME for those who would like a taste of v2.6.1 now, rather than waiting for their distributions to catch up.
  • Gnome-Nettool users who are in an experimental mood might want to try Carlos Campos' latest enhancements and see if it improves things for them, or at the very least fixes a few bugs.
  • Looking for a printed version for the Sawfish window manager? Try following these instructions to
    get your manual into everyone's favorite dead-tree format.
  • If you'd like to use the mouse-wheel to switch between virtual desktops, then Casey Crabb has the patch for you.


  • A URI
    handler vulnerability
    was announced on May 17, for all versions of KDE up to v3.2.2. Patches have been released to solve that problem. Remember to upgrade your machines!
  • Budding polyglots may know about KDE's KVerbos, which is a Spanish learning tool. However, were you aware
    of the other language tools that are available in KDE? KWordQuiz, for example, supports several vocabularies.


  • System administrators looking to replace Outlook in the Enterprise might want to read this thread, and in particular, this message. If Thunderbird is good enough for a 50k seat install at a Fortune 100 company, maybe it might also work well in your organization? For more discussion on Mozilla's email features versus outlook, there was another discussion on that very topic.
  • Mozilla 1.7 RC2 is released on May 17.
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