May 27, 2004

Cliff's List Filter - May 19 - 25

Author: Ian Palmer

Welcome once again to this week's filtering of news, announcements, tips and patches from the Linux, GNOME, KDE and Mozilla circles. There was lots to cover this week, including a new Megaraid driver, a Voodoo3 TV-IN driver for Linux 2.6, and progress on the Win32 port for GnomeMeeting. Speaking of GnomeMeeting, it looks like a name change may be in its future. Read on for the news, and if you feel there are other areas of interest we could be covering, please drop us a line and let us know.

Linux Kernel




  • Mozilla 1.8 alpha-1 was released on May 20. Even though its an alpha release, the changelog boasts over 500 fixed bugs.
  • If you would prefer Thunderbird to display the full usergroup names, then try editing the proper lines in the user.js file. Another useful tip from that message is the use of Chromedit, if you would prefer a UI to edit these options as opposed to a text editor.
  • Has Mozilla or Thunderbird suddenly forgotten all of your user settings, and is now treating you like a new user. Chances are your profile just needs a rescue.
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