April 7, 2016

A Closer Look into Google Stackdriver

Last month at GCP Next conference, Google announced the public beta of Stackdriver cloud monitoring and logging service. It is designed to be a hybrid monitoring service spanning both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

After launching Compute Engine in 2012, Google moved fast in adding new infrastructure services required by ops teams. To add monitoring capabilities to its cloud platform, Google acquired Stackdriver in May 2014. A year later, it surfaced as the preview of Google Cloud Monitoring service for Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Cloud SQL. As expected, Google conveniently dropped the support for AWS. Like most of the GCP services, Cloud Monitoring had its own set of APIs.

Stackdriver is Googles answer to Amazon CloudWatch and CloudTrail. The service has the potential to become the core DevOps platform for applications and workloads deployed in Google Cloud Platform.

Read more at The New Stack.

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