With Cloud Foundry, Cloud.gov Provides a Federally-Compliant Cloud for Government Work


Ensuring U.S. government agencies have a compliant cloud-based infrastructure is the task of the General Services Administration’s 18F digital services, which created cloud.gov, a Cloud Foundry-based hosted cloud service specifically for federal agencies.

In this episode of The New Stack Makers embedded below, The New Stack founderAlex Williams and co-host Lee Calcote sat down with Diego Lapiduz, 18F software engineer and cloud.gov director, Bret Mogilefsky, innovation specialist and product lead at 18F, as well as with Barton George, senior principal engineer in Dell’s Office of the chief technology officer. The interview took place during the Cloud Foundry Summit 2016. Follow along to learn more about how both 18F and Dell have utilized open source and Cloud Foundry to develop not only secure technology for today’s federal agencies but flexible infrastructures across the cloud.

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