Cloud Foundry Launches New Docker-Compatible Container Management System


Cloud Foundry, the Pivotal- and VMware-incubated open source platform-as-a-service project, is going all in on its new Diego container management system. For a while now, the project used what it called Droplet Execution Agents (DEA) to manage application containers. After running in parallel for a while, though, the team has now decided to go all in on its new so-called “Diego” architecture. Thanks to this, Cloud Foundry says it can now scale to running up to 250,000 containers in a single cluster.

Few enterprises — if any — are currently using Cloud Foundry (or containers in general) at this scale. As anybody who has talked to enterprise developers recently can tell you, though, enterprise adoption of containers is growing quickly (and maybe faster than most people realize). Cloud Foundry’s own research shows that many enterprises are now evaluation containers, even as the number of broad container deployments has remained steady (and low) over the last few months.

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