Cloud Foundry Makes Its Mark on the Enterprise


Cloud Foundry falls under the “platform-as-a-service” (PaaS) umbrella, which essentially makes it the PaaS counterpart to OpenStack’s “infrastructure-as-a-service.” The promise of Cloud Foundry is that it abstracts all of the grunt work of running the infrastructure and more high-level services like databases away and gives developers a single platform to write their applications for.

The premise here is that what sits underneath Cloud Foundry shouldn’t have to matter to the developer. That can be an on-premises OpenStack cloud or a public cloud like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix or Azure. This also means that companies get the ability to move their applications from one cloud to another (or use multiple clouds simultaneously) without having to adapt their code to every cloud’s peculiarities. As Cloud Foundry Foundation CTO Chip Childers told me, the project wants to make developers happy (and productive).

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