November 18, 2009

Cloud Storage Concepts and Challenges

Article Source Linux Magazine
November 18, 2009, 7:46 am

This week’s article should have been part 2 of our look into iSCSI but I wanted to take a break while the SC09 conference is happening. So the next parts of the iSCSI article will come later. This week I want to discuss a new but potentially very important trend in storage - “Cloud Storage.”

This type of storage has a number of names. For example it is sometimes called “on-line archiving” or “RAIN - Redundant Arrray of Inexpensive Nodes”, but “Cloud Storage,” for better or for worse, is the name that is the most popular. The overall concept is fairly simple - Cloud Storage takes distributed storage nodes and combines them using a file system of some type, to create a single storage system but with fairly low performance (hence the phrase “on-line archive”). It relies on replication rather than RAID for data resiliency by having multiple copies of the data on various nodes...

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