February 25, 2015

Cloud.com Founders Start New Thing--You Guess It, It's Docker-Related. The War Escalates

When Citrix bought Cloud.com a few years ago, the deal was widely heralded as the start of something huge. Citrix then went on to re-brand Cloud.com as CloudStack while, in the meantime, theOpenStack initiative began. Long story short, while CloudStack arguably had far better adoption in the early days, OpenStack got the attention of the vendor community and CloudStack, at least to a certain extent, withered. That end seemed pretty much complete a few months ago when the Cloud.com founders left Citrix en masse.

There was much discussion about what the founders would do and today we have a bit of clarity around that. Sheng Liang and Shannon Williams have gotten together and started Rancher Labs. The company and its product will launch later on this year but in the meantime, co-founder of Rancher, Darren Shepherd, has created a new open source project that is directly related to what the company is focusing on.

RancherOS is heralded as the smallest and easiest way to run Docker at scale. The company itself is focused solely on creating tools that help companies run Docker. 

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