CloudStack: Filling Two Niches Open Source Enterprise Cloud Management


If you look at the cloud computing sector, you might think, based on the hype, that enterprise-cloud management systems like OpenStack, OpenNebula or Eucalyptus may have things wrapped up. But to ignore CloudStack’s entry in this horserace is to do so at your own peril, because this is a product that deserves a solid look by any IT organization ready to move into the cloud.

All of these products belong to a class of software known as enterprise cloud management, and they are what large companies use to create a hybrid or private cloud environment. They are all – importantly – also open source. That matters because virtualization giant VMware wants to play in this space, too, with its own proprietary solutions. More on that later.

CloudStack’s readiness was demonstrated quite clearly earlier this week with the release of Apache CloudStack 4.0.0-incubating, a rather unfortunate name that undercuts the serious maturity of this cloud orchestration platform and its capability to be a big star on this increasingly crowded stage.

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