May 26, 2006

ClueCon Telephony Developer Conference Delivers

Anthony Minessale II writes "Downtown Chicago, August 1st-3rd 2006.
The ClueCon Developer Conference will feature all of the latest
innovations in the Telephony industry and will provide an opportunity to interact with the people who make it possible. 

The speakers include the lead developers and documenters of
several popular VoIP software platforms such as sipX,
Asterisk, Bayonne
and FreeSWITCH as well as the hardware engineers who help bridge traditional telephony to the future.
Learn how to make GoogleTalk and PRI lines bridge calls to your software PBX, or how to develop your own VoIP based call center or TELCO gateway.
ClueCon will have enough talent in 1 room to solve almost any challenge imaginable!

Speakers So Far

Jim Van Meggelen - Author of O'Reilly's "Asterisk: The Future of Telephony"
Kevin Lenzo - Co-Founder of Cepstral Text-To-Speech software.
RJ Auburn - Voxeo Speech Recognition.
Peter Nixon - Telephony Entrepreneur
Nenad Corbic - Engineer, Sangoma Technologies
Craig Southeren - Co-Author, Lead developer OpenH323/OPAL
David Sugar - Lead Developer GNU Bayonne
Derek Smithies - Developer OpenH323/OPAL/SOFA
Anthony Minessale II- Author of FreeSWITCH, Major Asterisk Developer, CTO Asterlink

The conference takes place at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Chicago August 1st-3rd 2006."


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