August 11, 2005

Cluster Builder Expands: Adds Grids and Apps

Nick Ihli writes "An expanded version of Cluster Builder was released today, ( ) extending the site's scope beyond basic cluster components to include industry specific applications and grid middleware.

Cluster Builder — a Web site highlighting high performance computing (HPC) software and hardware — helps administrators, evaluators and users discover available clustering options and solutions. ( ) and Cluster Resources, Inc. ( ) jointly released this latest version of Cluster Builder version 1.1 as a part of their continued effort to provide a comprehensive library of clustering information and research on the Internet.

“As the industry grows, so does the number of unique applications and middleware that one must keep track of,” said Ken Farmer, editor-in-chief of “Cluster Builder's additional coverage of industry-specific applications and grid middleware furthers our objective to provide a complete package of HPC solutions, news and price quotes.”

The industry specific applications section helps the scientist, researcher or computer animator discover and compare the best tools available for them to use on a cluster. This section contains applications organized by field, industry or use, such as entertainment 3D rendering, DNA/genetics research, chemistry and many other fields.

The Grid Middleware section helps those with multiple clusters discover solutions for integrating their clusters to create a grid. The categories include information on grid resource management, grid portals, data staging tools and many others.

One of ClusterBuilder's most popular pages,'s Request-For-Quote (RFQ) service ( ), also received some important changes, such as a more in-depth submission form and additional vendor options. The RFQ service allows those purchasing a cluster to submit one form, which is personally sent to the vendors of their choice, instead of submitting a form to each vendor individually. Since the release of Cluster Builder at the end of June, RFQ submissions have increased by more than 50 percent.

The Applications and Grid Middleware sections, combined with three other new hardware categories racks, cooling and UPS increase the content on Cluster Builder by more than 150 Web pages. Cluster Builder continues to incorporate feedback from government, academic and commercial sources into this ever growing effort."


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