April 11, 2006

Cluster Resources announces certification on HP XC

Cluster Resources writes "SPANISH FORK, UT – Cluster Resources today announced certification of its Moab Cluster Suite on HP XC Clusters, providing customers with a comprehensive and simple workload management and scheduling solution that works seamlessly with the popular Linux-based XC system software.

The availability and certification of Moab on HP XC clusters allows participation in a multi-cluster, heterogeneous environment using the Moab Cluster Suite. The certification confirms that Moab is fully compatible with HP XC Clusters.

Moab Cluster Suite, the professional offshoot of the popular Maui Cluster Scheduler, also allows HP XC Cluster users to integrate scheduling, managing, monitoring and reporting of cluster workloads. Moab simplifies and unifies management and increases hardware ROI with an intelligent scheduling engine, allowing organizations to get more work done on their powerful cluster. Employing Moab on a cluster can improve resource utilization to 90-99%, extracting the full benefit of the hardware.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Moab Cluster Suite to HP XC Cluster users,” said Jonathan Ryskamp, partner development manager, Cluster Resources. “We invite all current and prospective XC Cluster users who are unfamiliar with Moab to try out the product for themselves at our evaluation page (www.clusterresources.com/eval) or to contact Cluster Resources with questions.”

Moab works seamlessly by sitting on top of a resource manager (LSF, PBS Pro, TORQUE etc.) in the XC software stack to add value above what a resource manager can do alone. Moab includes an event policy engine that lets administrators set triggers based upon any specified event, such as notifying them when a job is complete, resetting nodes in the case of a failure, or preempting running jobs based upon workload needs. Moab allows administrators to set guaranteed service levels and track the resources users have accessed on a cluster. If desired, administrators may even bill users according to the resources they have used.

Moab increases usability by letting end users and administrators access and control cluster resources through visual tools with little or no training. For example, Moab has a Web-based portal to allow end users convenient, remote access to their accounts and easy job submission from anywhere via a Web browser.  It also comes with a graphical interface that lets administrators remotely SSH into the cluster from their desktop to control the workload, users and hardware. This makes the HP XC Cluster environment user and administrator friendly and expands the features of the HP XC System Software stack. 

"HP has designed a cluster environment that is simple to use, yet powerful, and provides high quality for the price," said Bruce Toal, director, Marketing and Solutions HPC, HP. "When Moab Cluster Suite is added into the HP XC software stack, users can have greater control over how their resources are utilized and can now have the capability to integrate XC resources into a grid of multiple, possibly heterogeneous, systems and clusters all running different schedulers and grid tools.”

To learn more about Moab Cluster Suite, or for a free evaluation, go to www.clusterresources.com/moab. Moab Cluster Suite can be purchased through Cluster Resources or HP. More information about HP XC Clusters is available at www.hp.com/go/clusters.


About Cluster Resources:

Cluster Resources, Inc.™ is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid, hosting center and utility-based computing environments. Cluster Resources' high-performance computing solutions enable administrators to control and optimize parallel and serial computing resources. Its professional Moab product line provides HPC sites with the most advanced workload management, scheduling and policy control (e.g., advanced reservations, backfill, checkpoint, preemption, fairshare, prioritization, etc.). Moab is compatible with batch resource managers such as Platform's LSF, Altair's PBS Pro, and IBM's LoadLeveler, and open source tools including TORQUE, OpenPBS and others. Moab runs on Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X environments, and is also accessible from Windows.

For more information call (801) 873-3400 or (888) 221-2008 or visit http://www.clusterresources.com


Press Contact: Amber Webb

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(888) 221-2008

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